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Heating Elements - Temperature controllers - Thermocouples - Custom designs
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Our long years experience in the heating elements field offers you the best solutions and products in the heating element issues.

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Alkinoos Heating Elements

Areas of expertise

In our site you will find a variety of heating elements and construction of electric power
cubes, temperature controllers, thermocouples, metal and silicon plug and all their accessories.

We also undertake custom designs.


Heating elements

Ceramic • Porcelain • Cartridge • Infrared • Electrical

Temperature accessories

Digital temperature controllers • Thermostats • Thermocouples • Heating applications • Mercury organs


Electric ware

Electrical panels • Metal plugs and silicon plugs • Photovoltaic systems

Alikoonos Heating Elements


View below some of the products of our company.
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Κεραμικές αντιστάσεις υψηλής αντοχής

Ceramic heating bands

Αντιστάσεις για θερμαινόμενα beck, εύκαμπτες με ή χωρίς θερμοστοιχείο

Micro tubular coil heaters with or without thermocouple

Πορσελάνινες αντιστάσεις
Infrared heaters
Σωληνωτές αντιστάσεις όλων των τύπων, ειδικές κατασκευές

Straight or formed finned tubular
Custom designs

Θερμοστοιχεία όλων των τύπων

Thermocouples of all types

Όργανα θερμοκρασίας

Digital temperature controllers

Φις και αξεσουάρ όλων των τύπων
High temperature connectors (plugs) and accessories of all types
Όργανα υδραργύρου και θερμοστάτες όλων των τύπων

Mercury organs and thermostats of all types

Hours of Operation

7:00a.m. – 4:00p.m.


Map of our store

Ceramic heating bands • Heating elements • Infrared heaters • Straight or formed finned tubular • Infrared emitters • Electrical Panels • Thermocouples • Thermostats • Temperature controllers • Heating applications • Temperature accessories • Mercury organs • Metal plugs • Silicon plugs • Photovoltaic systems