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Our Company

Η εταιρία μας Αλκίνοος Αντιστάσεις

Alikoonos Heating Elements

50 Years of Experience

Our company was created by Alkinoos Kotrotsos in the early 1970 in Athens, Greece, and since then it does the best in the sector of heating elements.

Our experience is our weapon and the guarantee of our products.

To us it comes first to serve our customers and to provide them our services quick and effective.

We are the one you should trust for your heating application of any type.

Alikoonos Heating Elements

Areas of expertise

We offer all types of heating elements as well as construction of electrical panels, temperature controllers, thermocouples, metal and silicon plugs etc.

We also undertake custom designs.


Heating elements

Ceramic • Porcelain • Cartridge • Infrared • Electrical

Temperature accessories

Digital temperature controllers • Thermostats • Thermocouples • Heating applications • Mercury organs


Electric ware

Electrical panels • Metal plugs and silicon plugs • Photovoltaic systems

Hours of Operation

7:00a.m. – 4:00p.m.


Map of our store

Electrical panels • Metal plugs • Silicon plugs • Ceramic heating bands • Infrared heaters • Cartridge heaters • Infrared emitters • Heating elements • Thermocouples • Thermostats • Temperature controllers • Temperature applications • Temperature accessories • Mercury organs • Metal plugs • Silicon plugs • Photovoltaic systems